Meet Our Doulas

Our team is comprised of many wonderful doulas who are here to make your birth a special and memorable day. Our entire team of both experienced and apprentice doulas are members of the Association of Ontario Doulas. We offer a mentorship program for our apprentice team, so you know you are in good hands.

Its easy to get the process started – just fill out the form on our “Register Now” page (an important step of the process as it explains a bit more of what to expect). You will then be connected with one of the Team Managers who will be happy to arrange a consult (for no charge) with the doula that best fits your birth preferences.

After you have chosen your perfect doula, then we seal the deal and finalize things with payment options.

Thank you again for recognizing the value of doula support and we look forward to supporting you.

Stefanie Antunes
Program Founder/ Experienced Doula

After the dramatic difference between my first and second birth, I realized just how important our child’s birth is in our lives. Like a wedding, it’s a day worthy of celebration, enjoyment, time/resource investment and lots of preparation.

When I launched this program it was because I wanted every woman who wants a doula to have access to one, regardless of her financial situation. I am excited to be a part of this innovative approach to a timeless tradition: having women support the labouring woman through physical and emotional comfort measures. I have attended over a hundred births and am amazed at how different they have each been. Each birth is unique, and each woman deserves to be served in her own special way, a way that is unique to her and her family’s needs. This varies from woman to woman, but doulas have an almost sixth-sense in being able to know what a woman needs without her having to verbalize it! It is through this support that we help to improve the most precious of occasions.

I hope you’ll allow us to support you through your special journey into parenthood, whether this is your first or fifth baby.

Helena McMann
Co-Director, Team Manager and Mentor/Experienced Doula

Co-Director of the Birth Doula Program since 2013, I began my Doula career by training and certifying with DONA International. Since then I have certified as Lamaze Childbirth Educator, added Henna Belly Blessings and Mentorship to my resume, along with various birth related workshops and courses to be my best for the families I support. It has been an honour, these past 8 years, to have been a part of hundreds of families birth stories, I am always humbled that you have trusted and welcomed me into your most impactful and vulnerable time. Most recently I was a surrogate and that experience will forever have a special place in my heart.

As Team Manager and Mentor with the Birth Doula Program I am dedicated to working with new doulas so they can be their best and continue to raise the profession of Doula work. I work alongside Medical Professionals to educate and inform so all facets of care for families are considered.

Thank you for your interest in the Birth Doula Program, it is with your support that the Program is now in running in 4 hospitals (5 units) across the GTA and slated to expand across Canada in 2020.

Jennifer Rogers
Experienced Doula

I am a birth doula, childbirth educator as well as the owner of FITMOM Durham a business that specializes in prenatal & postpartum fitness classes across Durham Region.

I began my career as a Childbirth Educator 13 years ago, shortly following the birth of my first son. This decision was the start of what would become a fulfilling passion and purpose. Becoming a parent for the first time, or the fifth time, is an exciting and emotional journey and I am truly honoured when I am invited to accompany a family on their path.

When I think about my role as a Birth Doula I am often compare my role to the symbol of a lighthouse: a strong structure that helps guide you when navigating challenging waters; a beacon of light to remind you of your inner strength and the stability to support you physically and emotionally. I am so excited to be a part of the Birth Doula Program and I look forward to working with you as you prepare to welcome the newest addition to your family!

Andrea Paul
Experience Doula

Andrea has been a practicing doula for 5 years and is very passionate about helping families. She creates a calm atmosphere and helps families manage in their daily lives. She loves the variety that birth support offers and how unique each mother’s preferences are. Whether the mom is planning on a home birth, a hospital birth, at a birth center, vaginally, or via cesarean, Andrea looks forward to supporting their choices.

Andrea Paul is a DONA certified Birth Doula, a CAPPA certified Childbirth Educator, DONA trained Postpartum Doula and OSHA certified in blood-borne pathogens for placenta encapsulation. She has a BSSc from the University of Ottawa where she studied Psychology and Theatre. She is also a RECE from St. Lawrence College which she finds really compliments her postpartum work!

When Andrea is not busy being a doula she enjoys playing with her infant daughter, husband, and cats

Nadine Ross
Experienced Doula

My mother introduced me to the beautiful physiology of birth from a very young age, and I have been drawn to it ever since.

My passion for birth was truly ignited with the birth of my third daughter in 2007. After experiencing a negative birth with my second daughter, once I became pregnant again I felt I needed to take control of my experience. I wanted to learn and educate myself as much as I could so I could confidently make the right decisions for me and my baby. I went on to have an amazing and empowering home birth. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to educate women about birth, and help them gain the knowledge and choose the right team to support their wishes and decisions.

“Sometimes you don’t know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory” Dr. Seuss

birth doula program
Jess Surtees
Apprentice Doula

Jess is of mixed settler Anglo-Franco European and Jewish ancestry born, raised, and living in Toronto, the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples – now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

Jess is a labour, birth, loss, and termination doula completing studies with Doula Training Canada (DTC). Jess approaches their work and relationships with inclusivity and compassion.

Their ongoing studies include grounding in mindfulness, sex-positivity, feminist and trauma-informed frameworks which continue to build their patience, compassion, and anti-oppressive values.

Jess has a thirst for knowledge and a passion for puns, nature, and their two cats.

birth doula program
Jenella James
Apprentice Doula

My Name is Jenella and I am a trained labor and birth doula and a paramedic.

My goal is to provide women with a safe and memorable experience during child birth. I’ve always had a passion for women’s health and to have the opportunity to empower them during birth would be a pleasure.

With my job experience, I will bring a level tactical thinking and timely problem solving combined with patience and compassion. I understand that birth is a very raw, intimate, and emotional process and I am ready to help couples through this journey.

birth doula program
Claire Gallagher
Experienced Doula

My name is Claire Anne and I am mother to two amazing, genuine and sensitive grown children, who are parents to my six beautiful growing grandchildren.

Forever, passionate about Birth, my adult life began with a big move to Alberta at the age of seventeen and became a ranch owner. Managing the breeding farm myself, I witnessed the animals’ births and their behavior and calmness in birth. I envisioned the same for myself. Although my birth was a longer process, the serenity and calmness prevailed and my daughter made her entrance earth side naturally, I was elated and filled with an indescribable energy and motherly love and thus my Motherhood journey began.

Now as a Doula I am able to support families looking to make informed birth choices about their own pregnancy and birth.

I am confident, caring, calm, with a very centered heart. I am fascinated with reading and studying anything related to birth and postpartum, and sharing all this with my clients and other doulas too.