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It is well-known that interventions and cesarean sections (major abdominal surgery) lead to higher morbidity and mortality for the mother and baby. The World Health Organization claims that “no industrialized nation should have a cesarean rate of over 10-15%”[i], while Canada’s current rate is at 26.8%[ii] (2009). According to the CIA – The World Factbook, 39 countries have lower infant mortality rates than Canada[iii] (2012 estimate). Most of those countries also have lower rates of intervention and cesareans at birth.

The Birth Doula Program envisions a world of healthier birthing families and babies. We know that doulas could be the key to reducing unnecessary intervention and surgeries, while increasing overall quality, patient satisfaction, all while reducing costs to our healthcare system. This is a solution that benefits our entire society: please consider donating to our worthwhile program to help us continue in our goals to improve mother-baby outcomes. 100% of your donations go to pay the doulas working 24/7 to support the families within our program.