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The Birth Doula Program

The Hospital Birth Doula Program concept was launched by Discover Birth in 2010. Through a collaboration with The Scarborough Hospital, a team of 30 doulas came together to launch the first program of its kind in Ontario: a 24/7, 365 day-a-year non-volunteer-based birth doula program.

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How Doulas Support Families

Through Emotional, Physical, Informational support as well as advocacy doulas support families throughout pregnancy, birth and the early postpartum period. Research has shown:

Reduced Interventions

When a doula is present people are less likely to request or need pain medication, interventions, or cesareans.

Healthier Babies

When a doula is present babies are less likely to go to the NICU, have higher APGAR scores and are more likely to be breastfed.

Healthier Postpartum Periods

When a doula is present people are more likely to feel satisfied with their birth experience, and less likely to experience perinatal mood disorders.


What IS and ISN’T Included in Doula Support?

Your Choice of Doula

YOU choose the doula that’s the best fit for you. Meet several to find the perfect one!

Continuous Care

Doulas provide CONTINUOUS care. We’ll be with you from the time you call and ask us to!

Nothing Medical

Doulas specialize in the non-medical side of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Non-Judgmental Support

Doulas support YOUR decisions and beliefs.

Amazing Team

We’ve got an amazing team of new and experienced doulas and great management.

Prenatal Support

Doulas get to know you in pregnancy and help you prepare for birth.

About Us

Two Programs to Serve You

Any Birthing Person who is expecting to deliver at either The Scarborough Health Network or the Markham Stouffville Hospital is eligible for enrollment in our program. Fees are $400 (+HST) for our Apprentice doula option or $1400 (+HST) for an Experienced and Certified doula.

Do You Have Any Questions?


Here are some of our most asked questions


YES, we're still working during COVID


YES, we do payment plans


YES, you get to choose your own doula


YES, we're on call 24/7

Doula Support

We’re here to support you!

Your doula is here to support you during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Choose an Apprentice Doula or an Experienced Doula

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Whatever you need, we're here to help!

Happy Clients

“Amy was incredibly intuitive and very emotionally intelligent
knowing how to navigate around a high anxiety family expertly”


Scarborough Hospital Client

“Great program. Wish I had had a doula with my first delivery. Because of our doula I was able to deliver without pain medication.”


Scarborough Hospital Client

“Vicki was the most instrumental person on my team. I told her not to let go of my hand and she never did. She was absolutely amazing. I will be forever grateful.”


Program Client

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