About us

The Hospital Birth Doula Program concept was launched by Discover Birth in 2010. Through a collaboration with The Scarborough Hospital in the Greater Toronto Area, a team of 30 doulas came together to launch the first program of its kind in Ontario: a 24/7, 365 day-a-year non-volunteer-based birth doula program. Since then, the program has evolved into a two-tiered model, providing families with the option of either an Apprentice Doula or an Experienced one. The program is self-funding and sponsored in part by Discover Birth Inc.

How Does the Program Work?
Any Birthing Person who is expecting to deliver at either The Scarborough Hospital or the Alongside Midwifery Unit (within Markham Stouffville Hospital is eligible for enrollment in our program. Fees are $300 (+HST) for our Apprentice doula option or $1050 (+HST) for an Experienced doula.
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Our doulas
  • Andrea Paul

    Experienced Doula

    Andrea has been a practicing doula for 5 years and is very p
    Jen Rogers


    I am a birth doula, childbirth educator as well as the owner
    Claire Gallagher

    Experienced Doula

    My name is Claire Anne and I am mother to two amazing, genui
  • Helena McMann

    Co-Director, Team Manager and Mentor

    Co-Director of the Birth Doula Program since 2013, I began m
    Stefanie Antunes

    Program Founder

    After the dramatic difference between my first and second bi